Let your dog THRIVE

Do you have a FUSSY dog?

Do you have a dog that is struggling with LOSING or PUTTING ON WEIGHT

Do you struggle with a HYPERACTIVE dog, or have a dog that has multiple BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES?

Do you have a dog that has red TEAR STAINS or red paws?

Do you have an ITCHY dog or a dog that nibbles their feet?

Do you have a dog that constantly MOLTS?

Do you have a dog that has issues with their ANAL GLANDS?

Are your dog's STOOLS mostly SOFT?

Does your dog have SMELLY BREATH or PLAQUE/TARTAR on their teeth?

If the answer was "YES" to any of the above, then we can help!

We always want to give our dogs the best, but picking your dog's food can be a bit of a minefield; do you get Raw, grain-free, hypoallergenic? 

Take the guessing game out of choosing your dog's food by speaking to our FULLY QUALIFIED advisor to find what diet works best for YOUR dog.

Our Animal Nutrition Advisor studied Animal Nutrition for 3 years at university to an advanced level, unlike the majority of people out there who have attended one-day seminars or completed online course, so you know you are getting the best!