Lauren - Head Trainer

I love what I do and it shows! I have always wanted to work with dogs and I even wanted to be one when I was younger, but that's another story for another day. I have a broad knowledge of a variety of topics and studied behaviour and nutrition during my degree in Animal Science. Since then I have worked in kennels, vets and as a nutritionist whilst sending myself on dog training courses around the country with accredited bodies to be able to offer the best techniques for you and your dog! 


  • 1st class Honours in Animal Science which included:
    • Advanced Animal Nutrition
    • Advanced Animal Behaviour
    • Anthrozoology (the relationship between humans and animals)
    • Animal Welfare
    • Epidemiology
    • Animal Therapy
    • Animal Health and Disease 
  • 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer with IMDT
  • Bronze Instructor with UK SNIFFER DOGS
    • Scent detection and Tracking
  • 4 Day Instructor Practical with IMDT
  • Mind Your Own Business Course With IMDT
  • Qualified instructor with Canine Hoopers World
  • CPD Accredited Emergency Canine First Aid trained with The Canine First Aid Company 
  • Perfect Puppy with IMDT
  • Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation with IMDT
  • The Exercises: Foundation to Advanced
  • Building Confidence with VSA
  • Currently completing Level 3 Canine Behaviour diploma on 'Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement' with the IMDT


Josh - Trainer

I have a background in evolutionary biology, so I have a big understanding of what makes a dog a dog and how we can use that to further your dog's training. I am currently studying to complete a Level 3 Canine Behaviour diploma on 'Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement' with the IMDT with the aim of becoming a behaviourist. My passion lies with the underdogs; the rescues as well as the reactive dogs!


Wilson is Lauren and Josh's dog and is the VIP (Very Important Pooch) at Loyal Hounds. He loves to learn and work, especially when food is involved! On his days off he loves to chase squirrels and swim in the river.